Casting Policy

If you’re an actor and want to be considered for casting in one of our productions, we cast on a show by show basis, so we’d kindly ask that you wait till we post a breakdown and get in touch then, if it’s appropriate.
But when we do cast, we want to create the best possible conditions for actors to do their very best work.
We promise:
To be open to as many people as possible –
If you don’t have an agent or you’re not on Spotlight you can still apply to audition when we’re casting.
We can’t promise to meet everyone, but if we think you’re right for the part, we’ll try our best to see you, regardless of your background/training etc.
To let you know what we’re casting –
We’ll publish our breakdowns as far and wide as we possibly can, not just on selected websites, so that everyone knows.
To provide you with all the information you need to prepare for your audition –
We’ll always let you know in advance who you’ll be meeting, how the meeting will work, and what we expect you to prepare so there are no surprises for you on the day, and you can concentrate on giving us the best audition you can.
To be pleased to see you –
Everyone in the room wants you to be brilliant and we hugely appreciate the time and effort that’s gone in to preparing for your audition. So we promise to give you a warm welcome.
To always get back to you –
Whatever the result of your audition, we’ll always get back to you. We promise to do so as soon as we possibly can.
(MASSIVE thanks to our friends at Paines Plough theatre company for agreeing to let us steal this policy almost wholesale.)
Lastly (but importantly), because theatre is a live medium and we think a vital part of the audition process is us finding out whether we want to work with someone (and, of course, vice versa), it’s extremely unlikely that we’ll ever ask you to self-tape, or for us to accept a self-tape instead of a face-to-face audition.