What we do

Our artistic policy is simply to produce modern comedies.

But we like plays that have heart, that will make you laugh a lot and maybe cry a little, and maybe even give you something to think about…
We believe laughter is therapeutic and that it’s invaluable for good mental health.
And we believe in gender equality – given that the onstage half of our core team is a woman, our shows always feature at least one strong female character, to the point where we’ve (proudly and often) been called a ‘feminist theatre company.’
But we don’t think that’s quite enough, so we support Equal Representation for Actresses and now try to have at least as many women as men on stage in all our productions.
On stage representation comes first for us, but we also look for plays by women writers where possible. And of course, we seek to promote equality and diversity across all areas of our work.
Because we want everyone who works with us to have a good time, we believe in treating people well. This starts at the very beginning, with our casting policy.
We also have a safeguarding policy, which covers bullying, exploitation etc, available upon request to anyone working with us.
And for more information about how we’re legally constituted (and how we used to be), please click the links below…